The Green Procurement Compilation (GPC) Web Site Has a Category for Biomedical Equipment and Supplies

As more scientific researchers are becoming aware of the economic, environmental and safety benefits of green procurement, reliable systems are needed to make so called "green procurement" easy to accomplish.

It is well known that putting sustainability upfront is the key to its success at work.  That's just why the U.S. General Services Administration (or GSA) provides a comprehensive online resource for green purchasing by federal agencies, called the GPC - Green Procurement Compilation.  This web site is open access.  It provides guidelines on specific product environmental concerns, as well as "where to buy" directions within a a few mouse clicks.

There are not a lot of scientific laboratory items in the GPC yet.  However, there is already a category for biomedical equipment and supplies that includes the following items.

  • Differential Cell Counters
  • Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Gloves
  • Medical Instrument Cleaners
  • pH Sensor Electrodes
  • Thermometers

It's a start!  The EPA itself does not provide specific guidance for green purchasing in life science research labs.  Labconscious has a small database for life science work called the Green Lab Supplies and Lab Equipment Guide.  As well you can find many 3rd party verified life science lab products in the ACT label Database, established by the leading provider of sustainable laboratory assessments, My Green Lab.  It will be interesting to see the response by scientists to the green procurement trend over time. 

This video highlights the purpose and key features of GSA's Green Procurement Compilation (GPC), a comprehensive sustainable acquisition resource for the federal acquisition workforce. Learn more at