Clean Your Laboratory Hood and Lab Bench with Recycled Paper Towels

Chances are that people in your laboratory are using paper towels every day.  Tissue culture hoods are being wiped down with ethanol.  Non-hazardous solution spills are wiped up on lab benches.  And perhaps there is even the occasional coffee spill by a tired scientist!

It's easy to make the switch to paper towels certified for reduced environmental impact, responsibly sourced forestry and EPA post consumer waste.  Make the change now and you will automatically improve your workplace sustainability for years to come.

To learn about other green cleaning supplies see our labconscious guide to green lab supplies database.   If you use an eco-friendly supply that does its job well in your laboratory, let us know and we will add it to this resource.

Thank you for being labconscious!



#Green Labtips

Got a spill? Use responsibly sourced and recycled paper towels!