Eco friendly Plasmid Miniprep, PCR purification and Gel Extractions kits

Molecular biologists appreciate how the sustainably sourced, DNA purification Monarch™ kits produce optimal results

Today, this scientist's post on twitter made me smile!

The scientific developers at New England Biolabs made a concerted effort to design the Monarch kits to deliver the best possible results - via a sustainable design.

Researchers using the kits have been very pleased with the consistently higher DNA concentration and higher yields. Monarch’s unique column design eliminates buffer retention and the risk of carryover contamination.  The protocols are user-friendly, fast and simple.

The Monarch kits fit New England Biolabs ongoing efforts to support conducting cutting edge research in an environmentally responsible way.  The kit components are sustainably sourced and recyclable. The boxes are made from 100% post consumer waste.  The amount of plastic in the kits are minimized.  In fact, using these kits could save over 140 tons of plastic each year!

Wishing Raquel Neri great success in the lab!  Thank you for appreciating how beautiful the Monarch DNA minprep kits are, inside and out!

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