The Ultimate Lab Swap: Donate Used lab Equipment or Unopened Lab Consumables to Seeding Labs

Seeding Labs is celebrating their 10th year anniversary this year – and we can all celebrate its impact!

They have delivered over $4,000,000 dollars worth of lab equipment to 48 institutions, in 26 countries. Their motto is 'Talent is everywhere'.  Seeding Labs finds the best scientists, who trained at world class institutions - but don't have the tools they need to work in their home countries.  Researchers have been able to leverage the lab equipment they have received, to secure new funding and develop international collaborations. This translates to scientific progress!

“We are catalyzing the innovative power of scientists in the developing world, to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems”
— Nina Dudnik, Founder and CEO of Seeding Labs

Seeding Labs has a network of over one hundred partners who contribute funds, surplus lab equipment and scientific expertise.  They are also looking to develop new fellowships, exchange programs and training platforms!

YOU can easily donate to Seeding Labs by visiting their web site 

Take a gander at some of the items from their wish list:

Microscopes, glassware, plasticware, consumables, personal protective equipment, racks, HPLC, automated cell counters, bioreactors, bottle rollers, colony counters, cytocentrifuges, flow cytometers, incubators, bunsen burners, freezers (-20°C, -80°C, -140°C), freeze dryers/lyophilizers, hoods, liquid nitrogen dewars, ovens, vacuum ovens, power supplies/backups, refrigerators, vacuum pumps, water deionizers and purification systems, electrophoresis systems and power supplies, gene electroporation systems, gel imager systems, PCR thermal cyclers, UV crosslinkers, analytical balances, densitometers, digital light meters, digital multimeters, fluorometers, pH meters, thermometers, blenders, centrifuges,  desiccators, essential oils distillation apparatuses, fraction collectors, freeze dryers, grinders, heating mantles, homogenizers, microplate washers, microtomes, paraffin section mounting baths, pipettors, rotary evaporators, shakers & orbital shakers, stirrers & stir plates, vacufuges & vacuum concentrators, vortexers, water baths.

*please note that the equipment must be in good working condition.

For further information please also see Nina Dudnik's TIME magazine article Why Scientists Should All be Diplomats,  and her New England Biolabs Passion in Science Award winner presentation. 

Thank you for your efforts to support sustainable labs, green labs and being labconscious!

Image credit: Seeding Labs 

Image credit: Seeding Labs