Simple Steps to Achieve Your New Year's Green Lab Resolutions


The new year is upon us!! The little lab upgrades that you put in place now, will catalyze long term sustainability and efficiency. Managing your resources responsibly will truly benefit, rather than compromise your work. Translate your best intentions into immediate accomplishments, with this short list of easy eco-friendly actions.


  1. Change your ULT freezer setting from -80 to -70.

  2. Place a “Shut the Sash” reminder sticker fume hoods.  Then shut the sash when not in use!

  3. Remove chemicals that are being stored in fume hoods. (Parafilm the bottle caps to eliminate odors.)

  4. Change from plastic pipettes to autoclaved glass pipettes.

  5. Add aerators to your lab faucets.

  6. Resolve to purchase eco-friendly lab supplies.

  7. Add automatic timers switches to stop the draw of phantom electricity overnight from bench top equipment, computers, drying ovens and autoclaves.

  8. Inventory chemicals before ordering new.

  9. Maintain and re-organize freezers.

Finally, #10. Follow our Labconscious blog and social media posts, to gain knowledge and stimulate these first sustainablity steps into a chain reaction!


“How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.” -Benjamin Franklin


image copyright: macrovector