Triumvirate: State of EH&S

Somerville MA based Triumvirate Environmental is a pretty stellar company when it comes to leading by example. From pioneering a closed loop plastic waste <> consumer product technical cycle, to establishing on-site EPS densification systems, this business leader walks the walk. Their most recent push to raise industry standards for EH&S comes in the form of their "State of EH&S" report.

From them, 4 big takeaways:

1. Safety Is Number One

Safety was the most important trend and biggest challenge of 2016 across industries and experience levels. When senior executive responses were removed from questions “How committed is leadership to safety?” and “How visible is management in safety leadership?” average ratings dropped over 30%

2. Understaffing is Rampant

Over 72% of EH&S professionals feel their department is currently understaffed and 79% of EH&S departments won’t be growing in 2016. 

3. Regulatory Updates Are A Focus

Regulatory compliance was a close second to safety for most industries when asked about trends and challenges (aside from life sciences that put sustainability in the second spot).

4. Sustainability Isn’t Quite There Yet

Sustainability ranked least important out of seven possible initiatives for 2016 (including safety, regulatory compliance, training, waste management & disposal, cost savings and plan improvement).

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