October is Campus Sustainability Month! #2015CSM

This October is Campus Sustainability Month! First organized in 2003 by the Society for College and University Planning as a complement to Earth Day, Campus Sustainability Month is designed to inspire and engage students to become sustainability change agents! Campuses are invited to celebrate by organizing one or more events during the month of October. These activities can include things like:

·         announcements of new sustainability commitments or accomplishments

·         film screenings

·         award ceremonies

·         tree plantings

·         teach-ins

·         conferences

·         nature walks

·         green product showcases

·         sustainability competitions

·         power plant tours

·         information fairs

·         and more! 

Campuses can also become a part of existing efforts like the ‘Kill the Cup’ challenge (http://www.killthecup.org/university-challenge.html), live tweet-a-thons with clean energy leaders (http://www.bu.edu/sustainability/what-you-can-do/events/cleanenergyu/), or involvement in global climate change week (http://globalclimatechangeweek.com/).  Tons of campuses have already pledged to participate, including Bowling Green State University (http://www.bgsu.edu/campus-sustainability.html), Ohio University (https://www.ohio.edu/sustainability/Calendar.cfm), Miami Dade College (http://www.earthethicsinstitute.org/), University of Alberta (http://sustainability.ualberta.ca/Events/SustainabilityAwarenessWeek.aspx), and the University of Louisville (http://louisville.edu/sustainability/events.html).

If you plan on celebrating Campus Sustainability Month, let everyone know: you can tweet about it with #2015CSM! You can also officially share your plan with the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (www.aashe.org).