NEW Contributor Day!


Hello! My name is Erin Fry and I am excited to begin sharing my experiences as a Doctoral student beginning a Green Laboratory program within the Biological Sciences Division of the University of Chicago! In February, I began looking for ways to become involved with Sustainability events and groups on campus, but quickly realized that the most impactful avenue to incorporate my interests and skills was by starting a Green Laboratory program. While some labs on campus practice Green habits, it is neither an integral part of the atmosphere nor a priority for most laboratories. I reached out to members of the scientific community through list server emails and face-to-face introductions, building a strong core of people interested in helping the program get off the ground.

With help from core group and advice from CU Boulder's Green Labs program, I am beginning to draft an official proposal to the department for a Green Labs pilot program beginning this fall, which will include 4-6 experimental labs within the biological sciences. This program will focus on energy reduction, water reduction, increased recycling, reuse of equipment, and reduced chemical ordering.