Check out these tools for green laboratories

These services and software options are designed to optimize lab material and energy usage.

Biological Samples Stored Long Term at -70C or Warmer - an impressive database created by UC Boulder and UC Davis!

iGEM Goes Green Go Green Guide This first version includes recommendations for sustainable scientific lab work and a carbon footprint calculator.

EPA  Waste Reduction Model (WARM) tool  Input your waste material type,  or the recommended proxy, to calculate and totals GHG emissions of baseline and alternative waste management practices—source reduction, recycling, anaerobic digestion, combustion, composting and landfilling.

Rheaply - Online platform to buy, sell, trade, donate, and rent resources within your organization and connected networks.  Originally launched at Northwestern University to share labs resources.  "Research - cheaply"

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How can we plan sustainable laboratory work?

My Green Lab Assessment Tool

The EPA's Sustainable Facilities Tool for Laboratory

US DOE Toolkit: Reduce laboratory energy use

Energy Efficient Laboratory Equipment Wiki

Warp it Reuse Network Find, give away, or loan laboratory equipment, office furniture and other unused resources within your own organisation and beyond. (U.K., E.U., USA, AU & NZ)