Resources for sustainable laboratory design and practices

Wondering about lab waste disposal is often the first step toward making other green laboratory improvements in energy use, water conservation and avoiding any unnecessary use of  toxins.   Thinking about what is possible in your own lab?  You just become "labconscious"!

Online Tools for Green Labs

iGEM Goes Green Go Green Guide This first version includes recommendations for sustainable scientific lab work and a carbon footprint calculator.

EPA  Waste Reduction Model (WARM) tool  Input your waste material type,  or the recommended proxy, to calculate and totals GHG emissions of baseline and alternative waste management practices—source reduction, recycling, anaerobic digestion, combustion, composting and landfilling.

Rheaply - Online platform to buy, sell, trade, donate, and rent resources within your organization and connected networks.  Originally launched at Northwestern University to share labs resources.  "Research - cheaply"

My Green Lab Assessment Tool

The EPA's Sustainable Facilities Tool for Laboratory

US DOE Toolkit: Reduce laboratory energy use

Energy Efficient Laboratory Equipment Wiki

Warp it Reuse Network Find, give away, or loan office furniture, equipment and other unused resources within your own organisation and beyond. (U.K., E.U., USA, AU & NZ)

Green Chemistry

ACS Green Chemistry Institute Reagent Guide 

OSHA Transitioning to Safer Chemicals Toolkit

MIT Green Chemical Alternative Wizard

EPA Green Chemistry

ACS Green Chemistry Business Case Studies

12 Principles of Green Chemistry 

beyondbenign - Provides educators with
the tools, training and support
to make green chemistry
an integral part of
chemistry education

Lab Recycling

Seeding Labs: Donate used lab equipment or unopened consumables to help this non-profit provide global access.

RightCycle by Kimberly-Clark

TerraCycle - recycling company for hard to recycle waste

Triumvirate Environmental - waste management, Red2Green

Find a local (US) styrofoam recycling facility

Foam Recycling Coalition's Grant Program

Support for Sustainable Laboratory Practices

Smart Labs Program U.S. DOE Better Buildings working with partners to reduce energy use in labs by at least 20% over 10 years.

Bringing Efficiency to Research Grants (BETR) 

Greening the Supply Chain Initiative by Practice Green Health.   Resources and materials designed to educate, inform and generally assist those entities involved in greening the supply chain in the health care sector.

AASHE Campus Sustainability Hub (i.e. supportive studies, grant funding, etc)

International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories

Egnation : Sustainable European Laboratories 

NESSE network connecting early career sustainable scientists and engineers

NIUB (Germany) supports companies in the life sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors to become more sustainable.

Green Lab Associates (United Kingdom) Audit-based assessments and consulting for research laboratories

The North American Laboratory Freezer Challenge

My Green Lab - A non-profit that promotes green practices and environmentally-friendly, sustainable technology in research laboratories by developing standards, overseeing their implementation, and inspiring the many behavioral changes that are needed throughout the scientific community.

Greener U: Engineering Campus Sustainability Collaborates with universities to integrate custom building system improvements with behavioral programs.

The Scientist Green Lab Challenge Webinar

Sustainable Laboratory Design Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) program by the National Institute of Building Sciences

Articles about Green Lab Work  

Lab Manager: The Scientist's Role in Laboratory Sustainability Efforts

Science Magazine Technology Feature: Adding Efficiency to General Lab Equipment