List of 10 Life Science Lab Suppliers with Recycling services for End Users

Many scientific facilities are directing their scientists to utilize lab supplier recycling programs to help meet their sustainablility goals. The following list, with links, is meant to be a quick reference.  It may be incomplete.  Please send us the name of any other recycling program that you know of, and we will update this list.

Ideal, environmentally friendly laboratory products, that are designed for reuse and green disposal are not always available for every type of lab work.  The reality is that life science work depends on disposable plastics and complex electronic devices.  Unfortunately, many of these consumables/disposables are not accepted into regular recycling streams. These supplier recycling programs are commendable, since they step up and provide ideal 'end-of-life' scenarios.   

Please keep in mind that case studies have shown that clear signage and point of use collections help to ensure recycling success.   Follow the simple program instructions to avoid any contamination risks. Thank you for your efforts at waste diversion!

 FIVE STARS to Corning's program since it's free to use!

FIVE STARS to Corning's program since it's free to use!

You can watch our animation for easy green lab tips! #greenlabtips #recycling #lifescience #greenchemistry

 1. Corning Recycles (Corporate sponsored - completely free to end users!)

  •  Corning®, Falcon®, or Axygen® product packaging including Pipet tip racks,* lids,* plastic bags, and shrinkwrap, Centrifuge Tube plastic bags and styrofoam racks, Serological pipet plastic bags for cell culture wrappers,** paper/plastic wrappers, and plastic bags for cell culture dishes, plates, and flasks

2. Fisher Scientific:

3. Kimberly Clark Professionals: 

4. Millipore-Sigma:

5. New England Biolabs

  • NEB operates the longest-running free shipping box recycling program, which diverts cardboard and polystyrene away from landfills.


  • Both the TipOne® pipette tip system racks and Robotic tip racks can be recycled using STARLAB‘s free recycling collection service.  STARLAB can set up a recycling service purely for your robotic tip racks, or they can be collected in the same recycling bags and crates with your TipOne® recycling. Whatever is easier for you!

7. Promega:

  •  Styrofoam send-back program

8. Thermo Fisher: These Ewaste recycling programs ensure zero landfill, and no export.

9. Thomas Scientific:

10. VWR: