SAVE $50,000 (or more!) EVERY YEAR with your Shut the Sash program

3. Present data-driven findings to senior leadership indicating the potential for saving, and garner their support.

            Our findings were presented to the Senior Operations Team at FAS, and I subsequently requested additional funds to kick off a new Shut the Sash Competition between 14 additional laboratories. Senior management approved, and as of September 2015 Harvard has 33 labs participating in fume hood competitions, up from 19 just a year ago.  While these new labs are less fume-hood-intensive as those in CCB, savings can still be found.  Estimates suggest this new competition should save an additional $50,000-$73,000, which pushes Harvard's annual savings to around $300,000 per year between both competitions.   Considering the operational budget of $4,500 per year for running each competition, this should be a huge success for FAS and the Office for Sustainability.  FAS opted to fund a one-year pilot of this competition, and a follow up study is planned for the fall of 2016 to assess the efficacy of the expansion.